Kimono Krush

It is the thing that most equate to bedtime, but has now emerged as a staple for the carefree Spring/Summer wardrobe: Robes!

I guess my hubby was ahead of the curve years ago when I met him and he pulled one out from China at a I looked at him like he was crazy!

Now I am obsessing over styles by Zara, Stella McCartney, Reformation, and Free People to name a few. This trend runs a fine line because I have tried a few variations on and definitely got the "off to bed" feeling more than the "I woke up like this."


My tips for pulling off this look effortlessly:

  • Skip the tie waist, leave that satin belt at home.
  • Keep the sleeves oversized, but the body cut slim.
  • Wear with a form fitting shirt, white T-Shirt or nude bodysuit
  • Stay away from the matching pants. If you must wear the pants they should be really wide or slim. Heel are a definite.
  • Jeans, shorts, and tapered ankle pants

Would you wear a robe or kimono?1?!

See some of my favorites below: