Lakeisha Rush is a fashion retail industry professional who spends her time between Charlotte, NC and Brooklyn, NY. Her knowledge of creativity through clothing stemmed from the costumes she wore dancing on the stage since the age of 2. She has always had a pulse on trends, influencing many purchases of her closest friends. This vision of style, paired with a keen interest in numbers led her to the world where the two could coincide.

Lakeisha has recently spent the last 12 years cultivating, producing, and promoting fashion in the online space for eCommerce retailers and luxury brands; but most recently for her personal blog and social media outlets. 

Lakeisha has said "Many fashionista's out there love designer and contemporary fashion, but can't validate the cost it requires. I want to help assist those. I also want people to not be afraid to show their personal style."  Early on in her 20's and now, Lakeisha uses sample sales, department store events, trendy boutiques, thrifting, and off-price shopping to help elevate her wardrobe. This takes a lot of travel, patience, fashion knowledge, and time.  

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