Sunflower 🌻 Set

I’ve been doing a lot of walking the past 3 months and during that time have discovered some wonderful parks and waterfront areas to enjoy in NYC.    


Walking for me has been a workout alternative. The body can’t do now what it may have done 5 months ago. Which has made me sad some days. I’m a person that likes control; and this part of pregnancy is pretty much out of my hands. But last Sunday, I looked in the mirror and marveled at what I was accomplishing inside my body. That really inspired me to say Yolo and I’m going to flaunt it from now on. In good taste, of course. I visited one of the parks I stumbled upon for relaxation, people-watching, and good conversation. 


I purchased this 2-piece ruched detailing sunflower set off of Amazon Fashion. The pattern was bright, fun, and really reflects summertime. I loved the elastic waist of the skirt and the bandeau top, making this easy for me to wear even as my belly continues to expand. This is NOT a maternity item, so those not pregnant can reap the benefits as well. The set was reasonable priced at only $19.99 and the material was great.



With the set I wanted to add some some quirky ness + sparkle to a casual fit for most. I wore wayfer shaped yellow sunglasses with a black trim and black pumps with a lot of bling factor!!! Last minute I picked up my favorite clear bag to head out the door with. The original pink pouch included in the bag clashes with this outfit, so I switched it out with a beige dust bag. 


You can find this set online, along with some other sunflower goodies I chose here. I have also added fun bags and shoes to pair with your outfit for inspiration.

Outfit Details: 

  • Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set 2 Piece from Amazon Fashion
  • Celine Clear tote from Nordstrom  
  • Balenciaga Slash Heel Satin pumps from Nordstrom 
  • Fendi Retro shades from a sample sale.