My First Trimester | Baby Rush

I know this is primarily a fashion blog I am running here. But I am super excited about this new phase and journey I am about to embark on, so I thought why not share this as well in my little slice of the internet world. I'm learning nothing can really prepare you for pregnancy and all of the feelings that come with it.  Also,  pregnancy will effect your style and shopping habits so I can use this opportunity to at least give tips on that along the way. 



I don't think I have ever had so many emotions in a single 24hr period like I did some days during the last 14 weeks. When I found out I was pregnant the day before my 1 year anniversary, pretty much I was in shock. I wanted to start planning for a child at the end of the year, not birth one at the end of the year. 

Based on those internet predictors I was about 4 weeks along. I decided to wait until AFTER the anniversary outing to tell my husband. I think he didn't say anything for a good 15 minutes. LOL. Its okay, knowing him he was processing everything that would need to happen in preparation for the next 18 years of this kids life !

During the first trimester I experienced shock, excitement, being scared, worried, annoyance and sadness all at the same time on most days. For the next few weeks I thought the following: 

  • Where did these new boobs come from? Gosh I grew like 2 cup sizes.
  • Why do my nipples hurt so much? Bring on the sports bra.
  • The bathroom and I developed a close relationship. Think my bladder hates me.
  • 0 to 100-real quick; usually at my husbands expense. Why would you bring me shake shack fries and no ketchup. He knows I LOVE ketchup!
  • Why do all my pants fit so tight but the scale hasn't moved? 
  • Nap time needs to be mandated at work. 
  • "Wait; Let me google that"......   became my favorite phrase.
  • I am not vomiting like the other ladies in my Mama groups or having all the "morning sickness" symptoms I am reading online, something is definitely wrong with my baby.
  • Get those veggies and eggs away from my eyesight and from where I can smell them.
  • Give me CARBS, CARBS and MORE CARBS!! 
  • I could really go for some Popeyes, KFC, or McDonald's right about now.


I first went for confirmation at 5 weeks, and you really couldn't see much except the gestational sac. Hence the name Baby Dot was born. I then went back every 2 weeks to see the progression. I can't believe how nerve wrecking the wait was between each appointment. The fear of miscarriage each day pretty much haunted me because of all the stories I read online. However thank you to Baby Center, What to Expect and The Bump for keeping me sane with updates on each weeks change and progression.

I don't think it became semi- real to me until during my 8 week sonogram when I got to hear the heartbeat. Wow that was a pretty exciting moment! I left that appointment amazed at what a woman's body can do and what 2 people can create! Honestly, I'm still a bit in denial as I wait for that first kick to the gut from the baby. 


I shared the news of my pregnancy immediately with our parents and siblings. We were excited and no matter the outcome during this first trimester we wouldn't want to experience it alone. We decided to wait to tell others after our 12 week NP ultrasound. This way we felt more confident in the babies progression. I can't begin to say how grateful I am for all the recommendations and support in the last 2 weeks. 

 TIP: I also joined a October Mama group on Facebook and its so supportive that I get a community going through the exact same thing as me at the same time. I know people sometimes despise Facebook, but its been helpful these few months.


The first trimester is an interesting time – there’s so much going on all at once. The excitement of creating a new life. The secret you can’t tell your friends and family. The anticipation of how much your life will change in 9 months time. But its also a time I felt very helpless and frustrated; time felt like it moved in slow motion. Nausea, exhaustion,the lack of motivation to do ANYTHING. Anything but eat.


But would I change any of it? NOPE! Because it got me here to the second trimester and I now have a baby the size of a peach; that I can't wait to meet in October.