Graphic Tees are Back

Well in my wardrobe they are.... I'm a bit late to the party.


Think I started to fall back in love with them last season with all the Sade t-shirts. So sad when I wasn’t able to obtain one.

But then here came this Whitney Houston shirt I spotted in H&M (before the boycott). Whitney Houston was actually my very first concert experience. I went with my aunt that practically took us everywhere as a child and she was a die-hard fan.


Now what is a 30 something year old girl going to pair a graphic T-shirt with and not look like she’s trying to hard? On this day I opted for denim jeans,  a tailored blazer and sneakers. When I wanted a more dressed up look,  I changed my shoes to clear strap sandals. On another occasion you can pair the top with a flirty shirt (see my Instagram story image below).


Below are a few alternatives to consider:


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