Newlywed Life; New Car Search

I know you guys have heard this before but we just moved six months ago to a new borough. I am happy to say it is closer to family and friends and we have had more visitors in the past 6 months than in the past 2 years while in Harlem. Woo Hoo!


However with only one train option to our area, my husband is looking for us to expand out transportation options with a car. At first I was on the fence, and if you have ever had to deal with alternative street side parking you know exactly what I mean! I will also admit at first I was confused with my husbands mentions of buzz words like. "Pre-Owned, Lease, Hybrid, Manual, Coupe....etc." Fashion is my thing, not automobiles. The only requirement I had initially was, " Will it fit a car seat in the future?" But with proper persuasion and lots of key tips and insight from I am open to the possibility and much more knowledgeable.

Below I share a few areas on the website that helped a beginner like me:

  • My Husband wants to lease our car instead of buying, I didn't know the benefits of one over the other. However, you can find great articles on leasing here.
  • Since this will be our first family car; we had to think long term. Great discussion points we used to decide on a car that would satisfy both our needs individually and as a family can be found here.
  • Lastly narrowing down the type of car we wanted to test drive. A Multicar Comparison chart is a great tool for this. Which Compact Sedan Has the Most Safety Features? What do you get for $23,000? and other quick compare features are all at you fingertips, here.