Sale Review: Sophia Webster

When I got word that Sophia Webster, was having their bi-annual sample sale in London a few weeks ago I knew the New York sale was right around the corner! I love the Sophia Webster brand for its fun and playful charm. It can make any basic outfit an instant hit. I am also currently obsessed with their Instagram stories, which I recommend you check out here.

I was hoping to go to the New York sale to grab a few pairs and a bag. Once the email to sign up appeared in my inbox; I entered my details for the 10:45am slot. Each time slot until 2pm allowed a max of 250 guests to shop and checkout. After 2pm the sale would be open to all those who were unable to secure a earlier time.  

I arrived at 9am, to a line of about 15 people. From outside I could see into the sale and noticed it was not a huge amount of inventory. At entry all coats and bags were checked. There was a limit of 6 shoes per person. I love this because it prevents the crazy hoarding that occurs at sample sales sometimes. Sizes 35-42 were available at this sale. Prices ranged from $50- $400. Each box was marked with a colored X to distinguish the prices. The staff was upbeat, friendly and helpful at the sale. They were kind enough to assist me and a few other bloggers I attended with narrow down styles to purchase. There were full length mirrors and benches available to try on shoes ( which is heaven sent for a girl like me)!

As always I headed straight to the samples located to the right of the check in.  All samples were $50 and $80. You can see a few styles below. Most were size 37, 39, or 40.


The stock shoes in the sale were primarily from the Spring, Pre-Fall and Fall 2015 season. Some styles I spotted included:

  • Layla Pom Pom 
  • Lilico
  • Amanda Platforms
  • Selina

The best inventory in the sale could be found in the smaller sizes; 36, 37, and 37 1/2. Most shoes were $100 or $200. I was disappointed to find no handbags available at this sale. Cross fingers for availability the next time around. 


Many during my hour time slot left with at least one pair of shoes. I left with three samples, but do wish the stock shoes I was interested in were less than $200 or available in 39! Once I left the line had about 50 people waiting who all were let in early. I was very surprised the line wasn't longer. I learned from a few of my followers on Instagram prices were slashed after 2pm. Unfortunately this was a one day sale, but I could see why with the limited assortment on hand. It really didn't lend itself necessary for more than that.

Check out my scores below: 



I can't wait to wear these during the summer months and September fashion week.

With all the sales happening in June; would love to learn what you have found. 

This week I will be visiting and previewing Alice & Olivia, La Perla, Alexander McQueen, and Milly. 


the Fashion Sherlock