Off Season Shopping

May was the high season of sample sales that definitely put a dent in the pockets. But it also brought along the opportunity for me to do some off-season shopping and get 2 great coats for next fall which I am happy to share with my readers.What exactly is off-season shopping you might ask? For those not aware it is the time of the year during which demand is lowest. A example being me buying winter coats during the Spring or hot Summer months. This is the time when others are concentrated on tanks, shorts, and sundresses. Not I!

As others dashed to the shoes, denim, and dresses I calmly browsed heavy wool, leather, and furs. My best scores came from two sales I didn't broadcast on social media. One because, they asked on the invitation specifically no social media and the second one I was not a official "guest" For next winter I knew I wanted a new coat, and in true "keesh" fashion I ended up with two. Note the price of these 2 was still more than 50% off the price of one! Now to the coats!!

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending a LVMH brand sale. The prices were amazing, and the stock was plentiful. There was a number of wool capes in black, yellow, and a vibrant blue at 80% off. What caught my eye was what I call a brocade mid length wool coat. I nervously turned the price tag over and there was a dot indicating a whooping 90% off. The gold buttons on the coat created a sense of regalness in me and the cut fit my curves amazingly. I have search continuously on line to find this coat with failure. The original retail of my coat was $4300. I did find the same cut, but not color on matches and yoox for over $2000. I paid no where near this amount.


The next coat I was able to find today at Ohne Titel. They don't have sample sales to often so I decided to stop by today after my work "summer friday." I really was going there to scout prices for markdowns since I'll be away from NYC tomorrow. Sad to report there were none. However the assortment in the sale was far from old. I would say about 80% of what I spied is currently in stores for full price or at most 30% off. At the sale it was wayyyy less, so I recommend checking out the last day ( May 30) if you are in the city. I tried on a number of Ohne Titel signature architectural knits, and held a skirt, top, and dress ready for purchase. However hiding in the far corner by where the employees busily worked was a coat in a luxurious burgundy color. BTW; this is going to be THE color for Fall. At least for me it will be. I tried the coat on and of course it was a perfect fit. Guilt overcame me, as I knew I just purchased the other coat I spoke of just weeks ago. But this coats neoprene lapel draped effortlessly when the coat was opened. The kind guy managing the sale didn't help and he gushed about how good it looked on me. The last thing he says is " girl, forget the rest and just get that coat." Boom! he was right. I can get dresses and skirts anyday ( or at Zara). So I giddly gave my card; he actually took a bit more off than he quoted.

Ohne Titel Leather Shearling Fur Knit Coat, org. $2040. My price of $245

Ohne Titel Leather Shearling Fur Knit Coat, org. $2040. My price of $245

All in all, I am now set for the Fall 2015. So no one show me anymore coats. :)