My Baby Nook -Crib

Living in New York the first 6 months of Tori’s life we rented a 1 bedroom apartment. This did not warrant me the opportunity to create a nursery room. Instead I used a small space in our bedroom to create a simple nook for my daughter.


Living in a small one bedroom apartment we needed to get a crib that was affordable, simple and reliable. I turned to Delta Children and used The Classic Mini Crib with Mattress Convertible to Twin Bed. It was just as great as any full size crib I viewed on the market. There was also a portable version I was exploring as an option you can find here. Extra points that this crib converts into a twin bed; as we plan on giving it to my mom for use when Tori visits. The white color gave us a blank canvas to play with and blended in perfectly with our current bed frame. The mattress that was included in the bed was soft and provided Tori with a good night’s sleep.

One thing to note is I did realize the baby sheets sold at retailers tended to be a bit large for the crib.

Besides that one issue I would highly recommend this crib to any parents with small solution needs.