Baby Registry Must-Haves


As a first time mom, creating a baby registry can be a stressful and delightful experience at the same time. I had a basic idea of what was needed for a newborn, but due to space limitations really tailored my requests to items needed in the first 9 months.

The quality and safety of products was a key factor in my choices, as well as recommendations from other moms in various groups. You learn quickly, parents are very vocal with their opinions. I also had the opportunity to visit baby expos in NYC to test, learn and discover products.

Below I have compiled my favorites and must have’s on any baby registry. They are all smart, stylish, and functional products. Please be aware there are more items that should be included, but I wanted to take some time to highlight ones that got me really excited to use with Baby Rush.

1. nanobebe Bottles - They have a great starter set for moms exploring the option of breastfeeding. I love that it is tailored in shape and functionality for "breast milk." The set also came with a bottle warmer and 2 pacifiers which was a delightful surprise. To accompany the starter set you may wish to add to your registry the drying rack, steam sterilizer and breast milk storage bags. 


2. Dockatot -  Many women in my baby groups raved about this. After researching I found this was a great tool for having the baby rest on the floor,  bed or couch. I may also use for co-sleeping if we decide this is a good alternative for us. The product comes in such fun colors and I recommend a second cover to switch out from time to time. I requested the "deluxe plus" model, perfect for 0-8 months.


3. Ollie World Swaddle - After reading about the benefits of swaddling your baby, I knew I wanted to try upon her arrival. I have a few versions on my registry but I loved that this brand grows with your newborn. It is super soft to the touch and I connected with the brand because of the story behind its inception.


4. Pediped shoes - This brand was on my list for comfort, quality and style. It is a brand I know will be a staple in my child's wardrobe from infancy to big kid. The styles are super cute and are sold at a great price point. Below is what you will find in the gift set, perfect for your next baby shower gift.


5. BabyZen Yoyo Stroller  - I chose this stroller as a lightweight option for getting around the city. The price tag is a bit high, but definitely think it would be worth it for the mom on the go. A second option and the one we have received is the Doona stroller. My husband loves that it is a car seat and stroller in one.

6. Boppy Pillow -  I will be breastfeeding and I knew this needed to be added to my registry. It is known to provide ultimate comfort for you and baby during the feeding experience. I also liked that it is multifunctional; and can be utilized for tummy time or a prop for sitting. 

7. Spectra 2Plus Breast Pump - Having a good breast pump is essential for moms who will be breastfeeding their little ones. I picked this version because of the simulation similar to natural sucking, reviews on a silent motor, and it has a back-flow protector.  

8. Graco Pack and Play

9. Water Wipes - When I got to test this product all I could think about was how moist it was. Water wipes is made off 99% water and the hint of grapefruit smell is delightful. 

10. LilleBaby Carrier - My husband and I saw this brand at the New York Baby show and instantly fell in love ( see post here). This baby carrier can be worn is 6 multiple ways! When I tried it on I felt reassured that my baby would be safe inside. We were keen on the Airflow version; it's as versatile as it is ventilated and ideal for parents on the go.

If feasible; see, touch, and test products before adding to the registry. Websites such as Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and Target had the most extensive reviews during my search. Pinterest Boards were useful to help narrow down recommendations from other blogger moms like myself. You can view my baby registry board, here.

If you would like to see all that I included on my Amazon registry for a family with a smaller space you can click, here. 

Next on my list is baby clothing ... If you have any recommendations for stores leave it in the comments!